Instagram Making it Easier to Recover Hacked Accounts

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After getting word of profiles getting ransomed by hackers to their owners, with prices ranging from 100$ for profiles with 50,000 to over 100,000$ for higher ranked profiles, Instagram has decided to change and improve their security measures.

In these situations victims can’t retrieve their profiles through traditional methods seeing as the hackers often change the security information included email addresses and phone numbers attached to the profile. Instagram has announced that it will be adding additional security measures including being able to send a security code to the original email or phone number used when creating the account whilst additionally logging out from any other devices.

When Instagram detects you are having extra trouble logging on, you can click on “Need more Help” on the login page and the app will ask you to enter information like the email and phone number tied to your account. Now if hackers changed that contact information, you can request Instagram to send a six-digit recovery code to the email or phone number you originally used to sign up for the app. This would then remove all additional devices from the account. After using this verification method, all devices will be logged out so hackers on other devices would be kicked off and unable to get back on. By doing this, Instagram is keeping not only high ranking influencer profiles safer but all profiles safe and give less room for hacking, phishing, and holding accounts for ransom.

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