Snapchat to Reinvent Itself to Compete with Instagram

Remember when we all used Snapchat?

Ever since Instagram came out with the “Story” feature, Snapchat has taken a hit.

Needless to say that Snapchat is looking for ways to win back people’s hearts. And they wants you to open and use their app more often.

In last weeks’ first partner summit, the company described its new approach to standing out from its competitors like Instagram.


Approaches to Stand Out

One of it’s first new approaches will be new AR (augmented reality) features which will include features such as:

  • Solving math problems by pointing the Snap camera to a problem.
  • AR effects for monuments, pets and people.
  • Integration with, which will allow you to shop what you see.
  • Integration with Shazam to identify songs.
  • Even a new developer kit to integrate Snapchat stories in other apps (such as Tinder).

A second approach they are taking to raise Snapchats popularity is the launch of a new development kit: Snapkit. With this “Snapkit”, some parts of the snapchat experience will become embedded in other developers apps. Meaning that, if integrates, users will be able to directly share content from Snapchat in third-party apps.

Some big apps have agreed to use this “Snapkit” and embedded the kit into their own apps:

  • “Snapkit” will be used in Tinder. This will let users post stories directly to their Tinder profiles.
  • Another app that has agreed to integrate the “Snapkit” into its platform, is Netflix. This will allow users to share the show they are currently watching to their stories.

The results and popularity of this integration remain to be seen. Though, Instagram already has this kind of integration with Netflix and Spotify.


More announcements

During the summit, more announcements were made about the futures of this app, including that its viewing platforms “Snap Originals” will be getting 10 new shows, including 4 unscripted.

But the announcement that got people most excited was certainly “Snap Games”. This multiplayer platform will allow users to play directly from the chat window without any installation. By releasing 6 new title games the company is hoping that people might want to play a casual game whilst chatting with friends or a group.

These new features are illustrating how Snapchat has been gradually been moving away from its “camera company” image and is starting to include more playful and interactive content.

All these changes and new features have gotten us thinking about our own usage of Snapchat. Will these changes get us back to using the app on a daily basis?

What do you think of these changes?

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