Assignment #1

Sanoma asked us to share our personal views on their upcoming influencer agency The HUB, help them with the strategies and communication, as well as growing their influencer database by scouting the right influencers.

Assignment #2

In order to improve the knowledge of influencer marketing within the company, we organized a series of customized training for the account managers, project managers, branded content team and editors in order to prepare them for the increase of influencer sales.


Assignment #1

This long-term project resulted in a successful launch of The HUB in June 2018 with more than 100 influencers in their database and a combined reach of more than 6 million. Remarkable was that right after the launch of The HUB, the influencer sales within the company of Sanoma increased remarkably.

Assignment #2

The series consisted out of 5 separate trainings with each a different focus in order to educate the employees of Sanoma for influencer marketing campaigns. The trainings were rated as interesting and useful with hands-on tips to use during daily campaign tasks and sale proposals.

What did we do?

  • Private consultancy sessions
  • Training Series
  • Workshops
  • Influencer scouting

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