HU University


HU University invited Social Nomads to speak at two of their events. The first one was an introduction week for first-year students in order to introduce them to storytelling. For this event Social Nomads created a seminar around the power of storytelling in influencer marketing. The second event was a one-day festival with the theme ‘Fail to the Future’. During this event we spoke about the life of an entrepeneur to inspire students not to be scared of failing.


In both cases the students reacted very enthusiastically: the students gained a larger understanding of the work of an influencer and that there is much more depth in the market than you see at first sight. The organiser told us that after the seminars the students were more motivated and that he is looking forward to work with us again. He left this testimonial:

“Social Nomads can present a world that, on one side, is very familiar for our students (as followers of influencers), but also completely unfamiliar (the possibilities of using influencers in the work field). Because they speak from their own experience, Social Nomads can inspire students like no other and show them the (im)possibilities of social influencing.”

What did we do?

  • Public speaking

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