The Power of Storytelling

What makes some influencers posts so enticing? Why do you watch their stories and can’t wait to hear more about their life? Because they use their creative abilities to consistently tell their audience (their followers) their life story in a creative and entertaining manner. It’s simply the power of storytelling!

Storytelling has become an essential part of the Instagram world and there are many reasons for its essentiality in content creation. But why has storytelling taken on such a vital role for Influencers? Telling a story about your life, a product, values or even simply giving your followers information amplifies the value of your content. It makes people want to engage with your content, makes them want to comment, makes them want to like them and even makes them want to share your stories with others.

We know that engagement has become one of the most important things in the new Instagram world. Engagement rates help calculate your “influence” and even helps put your content ahead of others according to the new algorithm. Yet it remains something difficult to stimulate. How do you get people to comment and want to engage on your pictures? Storytelling is what enables this engagement. Through the sharing of stories; all kinds of stories, from personal or even product related; with their followers, influencers start a conversation and spike their followers interests which get them to react and share their content.

Through storytelling Influencers are able to share personal information, product information or even to transmit their personal values to their followers. Thus making their followers aware of their identities and attracting followers who identify with it and who will react to their stories. This is exactly what we talk about and elaborate on in our Storytelling Workshop! Do you have any questions about our services or various available workshops? Don’t hesitate to message us or take a peak at our Services page!

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