The Hidden Treasures of your Instagram Analytics

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What do you do with your Instagram Insights about your profile? Nothing? Well you should! Your instagram analytics are a goldmine of valuable insights about your audience, content performance, and effectiveness for your reach, engagement, further development or for your business’ marketing strategy. There aren’t many people who actually maximize all this information or use it strategically to develop their presence online.

Because not everyone knows what these analytics can mean for you, we’ll take a deeper look into the three key Instagram analytics that will help you improve and develop your overall marketing strategy and drive more traffic for your Instagram channel.

1. Engagement Rates

There is no clear cut way when it comes to measuring your engagement rate, the most popular and most agreed upon way is based around this calculation: divide the total number of likes and comments by your follower count, which will then give you a percentage. Of course you can also use tools of apps dedicated to the deciphering of your Instagram Analytics and which will automatically calculate your engagement rate for each post so you can get to know which content resonates best with your audience.

Knowing what kind of content your audience engages most with could help you better plan your content calendar and marketing strategy for the future. Because in the end, your exposure is intricately linked to your posts engagement levels, the more viewers that engage in your content, the more likely the Instagram algorithm will favor your content and thus place it at the top of your target audience timelines. If you regularly can create content that’s been proven to have a high engagement rate, you’ll likely see growth in your followers and overall exposure.

By playing attention to your engagement rate and the content themes that performed best, you’ll find the indicators that resonate best with your target audience and you’ll be able to see where you should invest more of your times, energy and budget. The best advice when it comes to your engagement rates? Review your instagram channel’s content performance regularly (monthly will do) and compare it with previous months and campaigns. If you can identify the tops and the flops, you’ll be able to build a stronger content calendar.

2. Instagram Stories poll metrics

Instagram Stories offer you much more insight into your audience than you may realize. With Instagram’s poll function you can ask your followers what they like, dislike or would like more or less from you. This makes it instantly easier to understand your audience and the type of content they want to see more of on your page.

This level of interaction and direct feedback from your Instagram audience is incredibly valuable. They can instantly ask you questions, give their feedback or opinion and can help you better assess where to spend your energy and time to develop new content.

3. Click-through rates

With Instagram Analytics you can bypass the Instagram limits of how and where you can provide a link to an external site away from the app by focusing on your click-through rate and the effectiveness of your link placement with Instagram Stories’ swipe-up feature and your link in bio if you want to drive traffic to your site. Monitoring the click-through rate of your Instagram links is crucial to drive more traffic to your website and boost and maintain your personal brand.

By focusing on identifying your audience’s behavior patterns and gathering feedback from your audience allows you to pinpoint what content resonates with your followers. This will then allow you to have the best information to more strategically invest in the right content. Don’t forget to take a look at your Instagram analytics today and see what improvements you can make to your Instagram by keeping an eye on your analytics!


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