Best Editing Apps: Vintage Vibes

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Vintage effects have been all the rage with Instagram lately. Here are some of the apps you can use to reach those vintage goals you have been longing for!

For Vintage Vibes check out these apps:


  • The Nebi app is great for adding light leaks, bokeh, and other effects helping you keep your feed vintage looking! If a worn/vintage aesthetic is what you want to achieve you’ll definitely want to add the Nebi app to your arsenal. It doesn’t have a ton of features, but you can access more filters for a really reasonable price.
    • Price: The app is free, and offers about 20 free vintage looking filters with things such as light leaks and dust. Add-ins on the app are reasonably priced around $2.
    • Download the Nebi app for Apple and Android


  • Most of you will already be acquainted with the Huji app, this app if a fan favorite amongst celebrities and Instagram for the vintage/90s Instagram pictures. The apps interface is like a disposable camera, no filters, you take a picture through the ‘viewfinder’ to take a picture. The app works on giving you that analogue camera nostalgic feeling, it can even include a date stamp in a corner of the picture!
    • Price: The app is free but offers in app purchases which have features in which you can upload your own pictures and making those Huji too!
    • Download for Apple and Android

Afterlight & Afterlight 2

  • Yes this app makes another appearance! As you’ve read about the various editing options Afterlight offers you, there are also great editing options to give your pictures a vintage vibe with options for light and dust leaks.
    • Price: Both versions offer the vintage editing possibilities, the older version, Afterlight is free but offers many in-app purchases with prices starting from $0.99. The newer Afterlight 2 costs $2.99.
    • Download the Afterlight app for Android
    • The Afterlight 2 app is only available for Apple


  • This app is the same idea as Huji, a disposable camera on your phone. The vintage effects that develop on these photos have a more yellow hue than the ones “developed” with more of a pink undertone on Huji. All in all, both apps works well and offers the same functions! Basically feel free to chose the one that matches your skin tone or overall vibes best!
    • Price: The app is free but sadly only available for iOS.
    • Download the app for Apple


  • This app is the perfect choice for those of us who want to quickly edit our photos but keep it super aesthetic. Mextures is easy to use, to the point that people who know nothing about photography can create inspirational Instagram posts with it. The app allows you to layer filters on your pictures infinitely and has over 150 textures, 30 photo editing presets and enables you to create your own formulas or filters by layering and combining all the possible filters, effects and textures.
    • Price: This app is sadly NOT free and is also sadly only available for iOS for $1.99.
    • Download the app for Apple


  • The 1967 app offers a variety of interesting filter options, most with a vintage feel, making your pictures look like you’ve travelled back to the 60’s and 70’s. A plus of this app is you can upload directly from the app to your feed or stories.
    • Price: The app is free with about 10 free vintage dusty and light leaked filters, the app includes around 10 different filter sets you can purchase for around $5 each.
    • Download the app for Apple and Android

We hope this list gives you all the options you need to reach your Vintage Instagram feed goals, and that you’ll be able to edit your heart away!


If you feel we’ve missed a crucial app in our guide, feel free to tell us! And DM us the results @social.nomads <3

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