Best Editing Apps: Details

Ever felt completely happy with a rare beautiful shot, but not wanted to post it because of that one pimple ruining it? Or someone’s nose or finger ruins the shot?
Well these apps are the solution!


  • Facetune is the go to app to erase your imperfections or one little pimple that made an appearance this morning! This app allows you to get rid of pimples, smoothen your skin, whiten your teeth and even bring out details in your face and eyes. You are free to decide to what degree you use the effect. 
  • Price: The app costs €3.99 for Android users and €4.50 for Apple users. There is a free version apple in Facetune 2 but this version has in-app purchases and many limitations.
  • Download for Apple and Android 

Meitu/ MeituPic

  • This app is very popular in China, the app is best known for their pretty pink stickers and numerous blush effects, almost like animation. It also offers many facial editing tools, frames, filters, stickers and text options.
  • Price: The app is free! 
  • Download for Apple or Android 


  • Like photoshop, this app allows you to remove unwanted objects or people from your pictures in a quicker and easier way! Say goodbye to the unwanted crowd in your pictures! 
  • Price: The app is free! 
  • Download for Apple or Android



Air Brush

  • This app is almost identical to Face Tune but differs by not having distorting features! It is easy to use and free!
  • Price: the app is free!
  • Download for Apple or Android

We hope this list gives you all the options you need to erase those little blunders to reach your Instagram feed goals, and that you’ll be able to edit your heart away! 

If you feel we’ve missed a crucial app in our guide, feel free to tell us! And DM us the results @social.nomads <3

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