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When it comes to an Instagram feed, everyone has their own style. But have you already found the best app to help you develop and maintain that style for a cohesive feed? Well, here at Social Nomads, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of best apps to use for your favorite style so you can start creating the feed of your dreams! Whether your goal is a rainbow themed feed, moody black & white, artsy, dreamy or even just food pictures or selfies, we’ll give you all the information you need about the best apps out there for your needs! 

This is the last post of our Best Editing apps series. But this may just be one of the most important ones! These general editing apps allow you to edit every picture, making that one picture that turned out just a little dark, just bright enough to end up with the results you longed for. You can even make your own presets!

Photoshop Express

  • The app for Photoshop Express offers some the same features as Lightroom and is nothing like the desktop Photoshop application. This app is targeted to consumers and lets you create collages as well as applying decorative stickers, texts, or overlays on your pictures (like memes!). This is a simplified streamlined version of Photoshop to give you the ability to fix common picture problems quickly and easily. 
  • Price: The app is completely free! 
  • Download the app for Android and Apple 


  • Lightroom is a professional editing tool, yet the app remains easy to use and it takes very little time to learn your way around this remarkable app that allows user to create brilliant instagram posts. The app comes with a large number of presets and many different options to edit exposure, saturation, grain, clarity, lighting, temperature and colours of the picture! You get all the expected overall lighting and color. The app even lets you take photos and videos directly with the app which offers you manual control of lighting and focus. This powerful app really lets you create beautiful pictures but also allows you to save pictures you thought you had completely messed up (the too dark ones for specifically). 
  • Price: The app is free for your phone, but through a monthly subscription gives you access to more features (none you specifically NEED unless you’re heading towards being a professional). 
  • Download for Apple and Android


  • Snapseed is another fan favourite for people who like to touch up their photos before uploading them to Instagram. A product of the Google family, Snapseed is no frills, easy to navigate, and its “tools” tab offers a range of intuitive editing options like “perspective” and more. You can adjust the curves of an image, its colour balance, saturation, sharpness, and more. Although it’s filter options aren’t extensive, you do get a range of other features that make up for that. This app is easy to use and gives you possibilities to develop your editing skills! 
  • Price: The app is free! 
  • Download for Apple and Android.


  • This app offers many editing tools but also has a solid selection of filters and standard effects like light leaks or digital glitch effects. For beginners the app offers many auto-enhance tools to do the editing work for you! But if you have experience with editing you can use one of the app’s countless local and global adjustment options to tweak your photo exactly to your liking! 
  • Price: The app is free and offers in-app purchases
  • Download the app for Apple and Android 


  • As its name suggests, this app allows you to get pretty close to the quality you’d get from developing a photo in a darkroom – but then from your phone. This powerful editing app allows you to edit with the use of its curve and color tools. It is best known for its batch editing, which lets users apply global edits to a group of photos at the same time. Darkroom comes with a wide range of free filters ranging from bright and colourful, vintage and monochrome to dramatic Black and white. You can of course also create your own filters! 
  • Price: The app is free with in-app purchases. Sadly only available for iOS! 
  • Download the app for Apple


  • Let’s not forget the original editing tool, simply Instagram! Sometimes, less is more, and their wide variety of filters and tool allow you to adjust color, sharpness, and find the perfect filter to fit your style and feed! The editing tool is actually pretty powerful and even offers possibilities such as leveling, highlights, shadows, and even tilt-shifts! There is even a selective focus tool with both radial and linear options! 
  • Price: if you’re reading this article you probably already know that the app is free!
  • Download the app for Apple and Android


  • This app is the perfect choice for those of us who want to quickly edit our photos but keep it super aesthetic. Mextures is easy to use, to the point that people who know nothing about photography can create inspirational Instagram posts with it. The app allows you to layer filters on your pictures infinitely and has over 150 textures, 30 photo editing presets and enables you to create your own formulas or filters by layering and combining all the possible filters, effects and textures. For those who are filter and texture junkies than Mexture is definitely the perfect app!
  • Price: This app is unfortunately NOT free and is also only available for iOS for $1.99. 
  • Download the app for Apple 


  • Fotor is an app which even has a corresponding desktop application! It is a functional and simple to use app with standard features that allow users to adjust things such as lighting and colour balance.
  • Price: The app is free! 
  • Download the app for Apple and Android 

Apple Photos

  • For those of you owning an iPhone, simply try the editing capabilities of your iPhone! Press the “edit” button on the top right corner of your pictures to easily edit the saturation, black/ white, the exposure and many other features! There is even a very functional auto-enhance and filters to try out! 

We hope this list gives you all the options you need to erase those little blunders to reach your Instagram feed goals, and that you’ll be able to edit your heart away! 

If you feel we’ve missed a crucial app in our guide, feel free to tell us! And DM us the results @social.nomads <3

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