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As a company it is very hard to keep up with the constant changes surrounding social media and influencer marketing; from growing your own social channels to implementing influencers efficiently in your own marketing strategy.

Additionally, many influencers are creative minds who have a hard time connecting on the same business level as big corporations, which results in mutual misunderstandings. There is a clear gap between these two groups, which brings us to our mission:

We want to build a bridge between influencers and brands.


There are only two ways to fix misunderstandings: communication and education.

We will sit down with you and guide you through all the steps of social media and influencer marketing. Workshops, consultancy sessions, public speaking… you name it.

Check out our Service page to see all the ways we could help you get the most out of your social media.

Who are we?

Social Nomads is run by Lynn Quanjel (@whoisthatblonde) and Chichi Zhang (@chichizhangx). They are influencers who enjoy social media from its creative side as well as its business side.
They surround themselves with other experts and influencers in order to power-up the company from all angles. Meet the team!


Lynn Quanjel


For many years, Lynn has worked in the creative sector as a fulltime influencer and a model, which gives her a unique view on influencer marketing for companies. At Social Nomads she is responsible for the workshops and consultancy sessions on how to become an influencer or how to work with one. Be warned: her enthusiasm is contagious.

Specialties: B2C, writing and public speaking


Chichi Zhang


As a social media manager and content creator, Chichi has worked for many clients in several markets such as travel, fashion and entertainment. She is on top of the latest social media trends and is constantly researching all information available on digital marketing. Then, she tests every strategy on her own Instagram page to measure real results.

Specialties: B2B, social media management, content creation.


Bob van Buul


After many years of working in digital marketing, Bob started mentoring other promising entrepreneurs regarding their own business. In the Social Nomads team, Bob focuses on overall business strategies, sales funnels, lead generation, branding and more.

Specialties: B2B, digital marketing, strategy


Alex Artola


With a background in engineering and business management, Alex advises the Social Nomads team on several topics such as affiliate marketing, lead generation, and process optimization. Furthermore, he has developed his knowledge of social media by becoming a micro influencer himself and spends his free days with his camera and photoshop.

Specialties: B2B, consultancy, marketing & growth strategies.

Our Experts

    JOANN B2C, motivational speaking and education

    Joann – known from the Dutch TV show Curvy Super Model – decided to use her reach as an influencer to make a change in this world: she regularly speaks about motivational topics such as mindset, body positivity and more.

  • NEMI
    NEMI B2B, Micro Influencers and Engagement

    Nemi gained more than 200k followers and a very loyal community in just one year. This inspired her to start her own micro-inlfluencer agency and is constantly helping her own followers to become better at Instagram.

    LILIA B2B, YouTube and Consultancy

    With a succesful Instagram, YouTube, Blog, Law degree and stationary line. It’s safe to say that Lilia is a true ladyboss with a hands-on mentality and great insights in social strategies for companies.

    MAILILI B2C, photography and art direction

    A fresh face with a fresh view: Mailili recently graduated as an all-round stylist and photographer, which is an essential element in the social media world. With her expertise she will be able to give insights into what works in youth culture and how to implement it successfully.


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